Raven Reyes – The 100 Inspiration

First on my list is a hairstyle that stole my heart through its texture and general badassery. That ponytail has all the practical advantages of a usual ponytail with an extra element of fun created by the eye-catching twirls.


The difficult part of this hairstyle is keeping everything in place before you tie everything together at the end. Arm yourself with patience and either hairclips or bobby pins, depending on what you have available. Take it slow the first time you try this style out. If you usually have a preferred parting use that and a few centimetres away create a second parting parallel with your initial one. Clip out of the away the rest and focus on the hair in between the two partings. Begin with a strand at near your forehead and start twirling and adding hair a you go towards the future base of your ponytail in the same way you would while French braiding. Twirl a bit beyond where you plan to secure the tail, securing it with small hair elastics and pin the twirl down as it will tend to unroll otherwise. Β Repeat this on as many parting as you wish, you can have many around your head or only a few on the top where they are most visible. When they are all done, unpin them with one hand and one by one add them to your other hand to put them together in a tight ponytail. Secure it with an elastic and remove the individual hair ties. Now in order to take full advantage of the texture the twirls provide, fluff them up to cover up to a degree the partings.



Enjoy looking like a badass!