Accent your Topknot with a Braid

Fresh, fun and practical are the three adjectives that have me sold when it comes to hairstyles. Hereโ€™s a twist to make your buns stand out!

The easiest way to get a bun is to use the tips form my latest blog post and then neatly twist the ponytail into a bun the way you would throw in a messy bun on a lazy day.

For the glam version, I would recommend a different approach. Aim for a topknot and add a French braid from the nape of you neck until the bun to give the look a surprising twist.

For this to look its best you need to put your head upside down so that your hair falls away from the nape of your neck. However, it is quite difficult to maintain that position for the entire braiding process so what you can do to relieve that pressure is to use a chair with a back rest. Sit on the chair facing the backrest so that you can put your forehead on it. This will make it more comfortable and will reduce the chance of accidents happening due to dizziness. Brush all your hair towards the crown of your head and all is as good as putting your head upside down.


You can now choose which braid you prefer and go with it, you do you! I am partial to the Dutch braid because I feel it stands out more without adding difficulty. Once you reach the desired height of the bun add one or two extra stitches without adding hair. These will give the bun a stronger root. Two options now: you can start twirling the bun in place (picture a cinnamon roll) or you can simply braid until the end and then roll the bun into place. The second option might require extra bobby pins to keep in place but will look more intricate.



Ways to Oomph your Ponytail

As practical as ponytails are in everyday life, you can end up bored with them at some point. Here are 3 ideas of how you can spice up your go-to hairstyle.


  1. Add a Dutch braid or more!

Here you have a lot of options depending on your time and personal preference. Adela, my delightful model for this look, wanted a fiercer look and she went for two tight Dutch braids on the top of her head. You can position them all over your head and if you feel particularly braid-y that day, you can have all your hair into braids which end all in a ponytail.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-30 at 21.39.17


  • For maximum detail, tug the strands as you braid them towards the beginning of your braid and in this way you will be able to see each standโ€™s parting. Braiding loosely will cover these.


  1. Braid an accent strand

A wilder possibility is to add braids after your ponytail is already up. Depending on the number you add and the thickness of your hair it can either be just an accent or an interesting detailing. Personally, I went for a subtle accent braid.



  • Add different types of braids and with different textures and you have a party without your hair getting in the way.
  • To better integrate the braids into your own hair movement twirl them around your finger after you tie them. This way they will be less stiff.



  1. Wrap a braid around the base of your ponytail

The classic version of this look is very sleek looking but you can add some spice by braiding the strand before wrapping it around the base of your ponytail.


  • Donโ€™t overlap the braid around the base to avoid it being bulkier than the actual ponytail. Not overlapping additionally makes for a more interesting base.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-30 at 21.35.55

French Braid Bun – Collaboration with Wondervibes

The French braid bun is the easiest twist you can add to a French braid to turn the elegant classic into a beautiful updo. I have recreated this look on Raluca.

3 tips for this look:

  1. Begin from the crown of your head rather than from your forehead.

While starting from your hairline would look very interesting, if you are looking for an elegant formal I would recommend you start at the back from the crown of your head. Firstly, it is easier to start there as you have a thicker base for your braid if you have layers. Secondly, the look is faster to create in this way.

  1. Flatten and pull back strongly your hair for a sleek finish.

When creating a boho braid you tend to be a bit more careless in order to create dimension and texture. However, when we aim for a classic sleek look, we must ensure that we keep hairs under control and we must align the direction of the hairs we pull in the braid. You can use a comb or a toothbrush to brush though each strand of hair.


  1. Plump it up or keep it small.

Depending on the length of your hair you can have a small and highly intricate looking bun or a large and fluffy bun. If you chose a small bun you just need to wrap the braid very tightly around one finger. Have the broader side of the braid facing the finger and as you wrap slowly remove your finger and press the bun to the nape of your neck in order to tighten it. Tuck in the end of your braid under the bun and secure it with as many bobby pins as you prefer. If you go for puff, put the broader side of the braid against the head and pin as you go to keep the whole bun in place as it is larger. You can fluff the edges of the braid to make it even bigger or go for a slicker look.

Raluca went for full sleek look and an intricate small bun to complement her elegant shirt for the day.