Tips for your basic braid

An essential of all long haired individuals is a basic functional braid. Once you have that down you can do anything anytime with your hair. The tricky part is adapting it to your hair type as well as haircut.

  1. Thick hair.

You are lucky! Your braid will be textured and long. A braid in such a hair type will easily become a statement. To make it more 3D the tip is to twirl the strands on your finger as you braid as this gives dimension to the individual stitch of the braid.

  1. Thin hair.

Thin hair can be versatile but might need some product in it as well. If you want a low key out of the way braid you can just throw in a normal braid and forget all about it as you go about your day. Beyond practicality, if you prefer to have thicker braids you can do two things which work separately but also together. You can give dimension to your braid by twirling the individual strand in every stich you make. This makes your strand look like a tube rather than like a ribbon. This makes the braid thicker by default. Another thing you can do is to gently pull the edges of the braids. You must be careful to not undo your braid so only tug on the very edge of the strands as they are interwoven.

  1. Shorter or layered hair.

The biggest issue to look out for is edges poking out of the braids. Usually people attack them with bobby pins and hairspray but it doesn’t always work and it can be quite annoying as you might have to redo your braid through-out the day. One trick is to put some hair oil on your hands while you braid as it makes for a smoother outside of the strand and makes the hairs stick together some more while also protecting your hair. If your layers are towards the base of your braid, consider not adding them. Leaving them out of your braid cuts some of your problems as well as opens up for opportunities such as having strands frame your face or twisting them away from the face and pinning them back in a semi-fringe or just as an interesting detail in your hair. Ultimately choppy and messy braids with some colourful accessories can easily become the boho hairstyle of your dreams so embrace them.

Let me know if you enjoyed these tips and tricks and don’t hesitate to contact me if you want me to discuss anything in particular!